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Seriously Good Chili Cookbook

177 of the Best Recipes in the World

Seriously Good Chili Cookbook
Brian Baumgartner By (author)
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9/13/2022 12:00:00 AM
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Much like Brian Baumgartner’s role as Kevin Malone in The Office, Brian is a true chili master who is just as serious as his fictional counterpart about making the most perfect pot of chili. Featuring more than 150 chili recipes stamped with Brian’s “seriously good” approval rating, Seriously Good Chili Cookbook contains new ways to spice up chili for all occasions, all year long. Written in the humorous and friendly tone Brian Baumgartner is known and loved for, this engaging cookbook opens with an introduction from Brian about his passion for chili, followed by a fascinating account of the history of his all-time favorite comfort food. Each section that follows showcases specific styles of chili – from Texas chili and Cincinnati chili to turkey chili, chili verde, vegetarian, and other regional and international variations. Every mouth-watering recipe has been contributed by celebrities, TV personalities, renowned chefs, world championship chili cook-off winners, Brian himself, and his dedicated fan base. So strap on your apron, grab a spoon, and dig in with Brian Baumgartner as your ultimate chili guide!