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Mario and the Aliens (SC)

Mario and the Aliens (SC)
Carolina Zanotti Abridged by
Thai My Phuong Illustrated by
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4/30/2019 12:00:00 AM
Fox Chapel Publishing

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8.5 X 12.0 in
40 pg

JUVENILE NONFICTION / Social Topics / New Experience


This charmingly illustrated children’s picture book is all about the importance of having fun with “real toys” like bikes, balls, and dolls—instead of computers and electronics. Written for kids aged 5-7, Mario and the Aliens tells the sweet story of a little boy who makes friends with space visitors. Little Mario is a computer geek who is on the computer day and night. He will not leave his computer. Suddenly he hears a commotion in the back yard—the aliens have landed! These creatures have heard about all the cool things that earth kids do to play, and they want to have fun too. Since the aliens are tired of computers and electronic stuff, Mario must show them how to play with traditional toys. Satisfied at having discovered the secrets of earth children, the aliens return to their planet, while Mario rediscovers the joys of playing outside.


Mario and the Aliens uses hand-drawn images and cliffhanger plot technique to engage children and parents in dialogue in the very nature of fun and creativity.
WVXU, Around Cincinnati - Roberta Schultz

Mario and the Aliens by Carolina Zanotti and Thai My Phuong is an enjoyable short read about the importance of taking breaks from electronic screens around us.
The Geekiary

The perfect picture book story for the screen-obsessed kid in your life, Mario and the Aliens will have every-one wanting to get outside and play!
Kiddos Magazine

A very cute picture book with a great message to make friends and be more active!

Family Focus Blog

Wonderful illustrations and a fun dialog make it a great read to share with the kids.
GeekDad, Core Contributor - Michael Kaufman

At just the right length for a great good-night book, Mario and the Aliens is a fun, fast paced book that kids will learn from, without being preached to.
Daddy Mojo

A must-read for families!


Mario and the Aliens" will have everyone wanting to get outside and play! 

Midwest Book Review

Author Bio

Carolina Zanotti is an Italian journalist specializing in music and theatre. Passionate about the visual arts, she has participated in several national and international exhibitions. She collaborates on the entertainment section of magazines, and with art galleries. She has written several successful books and theatre shows for children.

Thai My Phuong (aka Tamypu) is an illustrator, art editor, graphic designer and author of fairy tales and comic books from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She received her degree in Interior Design from the University of Architecture in Ho Chi Minh City and a Masters of Arts in Sequential Design and Illustration from the University of Brighton. She has worked for the Nha Nam Publishing House as well as various other publishers and companies, and has authored at least fifteen books for children and adults.