Woodturning Methods

Mike Darlow

Woodturning Methods

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Tips on using a lathe to create beautiful wooden objects. Woodturning is the art and craft of using a lathe to fashion raw wood into useful and decorative objects. This book looks at the tools and techniques needed to create a variety of effects including chucking, turning spindles and round objects, multi-axis turning, turning ellipses and rings, and drilling methods on the lathe. How do I turn rings? What's the best way to chuck spoons? You can turn trees from wood? Woodturning Methods guides you through a host of special techniques which have not been brought together before. You will use many in your everyday turning; through others you can create unusual forms. Woodturning Methods is the second book in Mike Darlow's woodturning series. It continues the clear language and full-color presentation so successful in The Fundamentals of Woodturning. Mike has searched out old engravings and historical material to give you a fuller understanding of woodturning's development and heritage. The chapters explore: - Chucking - Spindle turning - Turning slender spindles - Turning spheres - Eccentric turning - Multi-axis turning - Turning ellipses - Drilling in the lathe. Mike Darlow has practiced, taught, and written on woodturning since 1979. His previous books The Practice of Woodturning and the Fundamentals of Woodturning are among the best. He has had more than a hundred articles published on all aspects of woodturning. Until 1995 Mike ran a large woodturning business in Sydney. He now turns and writes in the nearby Southern Highlands, and teaches internationally.
Pages 200
Publish Date 2000-03-01
series None
Size 8.5" x 11.0" x 0.0"
Author Mike Darlow

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