130 New Winemaking Recipes

C. J. J. Berry

130 New Winemaking Recipes

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Crafting your own wine has never been so simple! With this guide, you have exactly what you need to start creating unique flavors that are perfect for any occasion. It contains expert advice from co-founder of Winemakers' Circle, C.J.J. He carefully guides you through 130 new recipe ideas that make use of both simple and complex ingredients found in your veggie garden. *Simple instructions on how to use various herbs and vegetables *Unusual ancient recipes with a modern twist *Older and newer techniques used to prepare wine *Learn how to customize and combine flavors with wine *Use various herbs grown in your own garden. Berry explains in great detail how various herbs such as dandelion, ginger, and lavender should be used in the process of making wine. He even delves into the use of more uncommon garden herbs like chamomile, kohlrabi, and rosemary as well as clary sage. Other popular wines, such as apple wine and barley wine, are also discussed vividly with charming animations, brightening up the read even more. Fruit wines and coffee-inspired wines are included as well. All the wine recipes are neatly organized and extremely easy to follow by almost anyone. They are set out in alphabetical order. Traditional recipes are grouped together, and other unique recipes are as well. Berry shares recipes that involve traditional ingredients, such as elderberries, rose hips, and other ancient fruits and veggies. You can also find other unusual and traditional recipes, such as goat's beard (Tragopogon pratensis) and elecampane (Inula helenium), which Berry offers a modern take on. He also walks you through new ways in which you can serve your favorite flavors with your favorite wines, describing which types of wine to pair them with (i.e., white wines and red wines). Use new flavors such as fruit juice concentrates or backyard favorites, which can be used to easily show off during a wine tasting event held at your own home or farm. Berry's advice is easy to understand and accessible, and as you read you'll feel like a favorite uncle is sharing secret family recipes.
Pages 128
Publish Date 2011-09-01
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Size 6.0" x 9.0" x 0.3125"
Author C. J. J. Berry

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