Burgers & Bacon Cookbook

World Food Championships

Burgers & Bacon Cookbook

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The Burgers & Bacon Cookbook from WFC will be the first cookbook from the archives of WFC. This is the first time that home cooks will have access to world award winning recipes in cookbook form for the home kitchen. Although other burger and bacon cookbooks exist, no other will have the WFC branding, credentials and inclusions of high profiles chefs that all have a following far extending the reach of WFC; its PR network is extensive and a huge selling point to B2B buyers. WFC has is a direct link to aspiring and established chefs around the world, with nearly 20,000 Instagram followers, 50,000 Facebook followers and reach to over 15,000 chefs in the Unites States. Burger and bacon dishes are among the most popular foods in America, appealing to a broad range of people from children to seniors. The WFC Burgers & Bacon will appeal to home cooks, culinary students, backyard self-proclaimed grill masters, sous chefs, people in the food business from restaurant owners and food truck cooks to catering businesses. A lot of great information is available to support the popularity of burger and bacon focused recipes, and the growing popularity of home cooking vs. dining out. Renewed interest in cooking at home continues after COVID. https://www.fooddive.com/news/survey-7-in-10-consumers-say-they-will-keep-cooking-at-home-after-the-pand/593532/ People have also become more conscious of the need to watch what they eat and to lead healthier lives. Several documentaries, such as Fast-Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal and Super-Size Me, and books have been published which highlight the concerns about mass-produced burgers. These burgers, although often labelled as 100% beef, are made with lower grades of beef to help the manufacturer cut costs. The beef often comes from livestock which are laden with antibiotics, and factories add both natural and artificial flavors to ensure that all the burgers taste the same. Mass-produced burgers generally tend to be higher in fat, lower in fiber, higher in calories and contain higher levels of salt than a burger that has been made at home. They also contain a lot of trans fat, which increases the risk of heart disease. This realization has led to people moving away from these products and looking for healthier alternatives. Wanting to be healthy and eat well doesn't mean you have to remove items such as burgers or bacon from your diet. It just means that you should be more conscious of what your food is made from and the size of your meal. Making a burger from scratch means you have control over exactly what is being added to the mixture. Red meat is a great source of high-quality protein and essential nutrients, such as iron, zinc and vitamin B12, so should be included in a balanced diet. https://www.breezekohtao.com/blog/the-popularity-of-homemade-burgers/
Pages 184
Publish Date 2024-06-04
series None
Size 8.5" x 11.0" x 0.0"
Author World Food Championships

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