Growing Herbs for Health, Wellness, Cooking, and Crafts

Kim Roman

Growing Herbs for Health, Wellness, Cooking, and Crafts

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Learn everything you need to know to start your own culinary herb garden! - Comprehensive guide on how to get started growing herbs and spices, whether indoors or outdoors - 51 useful herbs are featured in plant profiles, including echinacea, turmeric, ginger, chamomile, Tulsi (holy basil), anise, hyssop and many more.Clear instructions for seeding and transplanting, soil, light, warmth, fertilizer, pests and diseases, protecting your herbs, harvesting, and storing seeds. Helpful growing charts including sun exposure, how much to water, soil type, plant spacing, and planting depth. Use your herbs in cooking, crafting, beauty and skin care, wellness, or even grow herbs as a side business. 25 recipes include marinades, salad vinaigrettes, infused oils, cocktails, mocktails, bread, teas, and more. Medicinal herbs section written by herbalist Michelle Guerrero Denison whose website "The Twig and Feather" discusses all things herbal. Get all the indoor and outdoor gardening tips and advice you need to start growing herbs today! From soil preparation, lighting, how often to water, pests and disease prevention, important things to know when planting indoors versus outdoors, and more, expert gardener and author Kim Roman shares invaluable tips to help you produce high-yield quality herbs at home. Kim also shares quick reference charts and plant profiles for 51 of today's most popular herbs, in addition to a few of her favorite recipes where herbs are the star ingredient, including marinades, salad vinaigrettes, infused oils, delicious cocktails or mocktails, herbed and plain focaccia bread, teas, and more! You'll also learn how you can enhance your crafting projects by adding herbs! Discover the wide variety of uses for all the herbs you can grow right at home, with Growing Herbs for Health, Wellness, Cooking, and Crafts!
Pages 204
Publish Date 2024-03-19
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Author Kim Roman

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