Intelligence Equation, The

Stephen Pincock

Intelligence Equation, The

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How intelligent are you and is there anything you can do about it? Yes, you can, and this interactive guide will provide you with all the information you need to do so. Learn how to exercise and stimulate your brain in order to stave off mental health problems and premature aging. In this book, you'll find out exactly how your brainpower (measured in IQ points) changes when you play an instrument, stay indoors, go dancing, eat tofu, stick to a routine or live by the ocean, among many surprising factors. After adding and subtracting your way through this book, you'll have all the hints and tips you need to reach your full intellectual potential. This book might not make you the next Einstein, but it will certainly help you to make the best of your natural talents.
Pages 144
Publish Date 2009-09-25
series None
Size 5.591" x 7.087" x 0.0"
Author Stephen Pincock

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