Know Your Dogs

Jack Byard

Know Your Dogs

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Looking for a great introduction to man's best friend? Ever wondered what country your dog's breed is from? Why do dogs need to exercise so much? How big will your dog get? Look no further! Know Your Dogs is a great introduction to some of the more common dog breeds. Jack Byard provides, along with beautiful photographs, the necessary details to help you get acquainted with 45 dog breeds. You'll enjoy reading about all sorts of canines from lap dogs to hunting dogs--no dog is too big or too small. For each breed, you'll discover physical characteristics such as average height, average weight, coat color, and coat length. Byard's review of each breed's history not only tells readers what country they originated from but also that breed's original purpose (such as hunting or companionship). Each description concludes with advice on how to provide that breed of dog with the best environment at home. Tips on socialization and exercise give you an idea of what to expect if you're debating bringing one of these beautiful dogs home. After reading through these well-written descriptions, you'll be able to know which breed would make a great addition to your family. You'll appreciate the depth of research and amount of information given. Perfect for light reading, you won't get bogged down in too much detail. Byard does a wonderful job of writing concisely, and you can sense his true appreciation for each and every breed. If you're tired of being overwhelmed by dog books that seem to be written by and for veterinarians and want to enjoy both wonderful photographs and summaries of dogs you're most likely to encounter or own, this is the book for you! Get your copy of Know Your Dogs today! If you enjoy Know Your Dogs, be sure to look for other great books by Jack Byard such as Know Your Cattle, Know Your Sheep, and Know Your Tractors. Readers everywhere enjoy his entertaining and illuminating work.
Pages 96
Publish Date 2020-07-01
series None
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Author Jack Byard

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