Proficient Motorcycling

David Hough

Proficient Motorcycling

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This ultimate guide to proficient motorcycling is essential reading for all motorcyclists regardless of their years of experience. Author David L. Hough, a revered motorcycle author, columnist, and riding-safety consultant, lays out clear advice for all riders to sharpen their handling skills and improve their rides. This second edition, expanded and now in full color, offers riders the advice they need to be prepared for anything on the road, how to avoid motorcyle accidents, and how to handle the unexpected. Hough spells out the mechanics of the bike, equipment, and basic riding skills required to control a bike, and specifically keeping the rider’s safety and ability to avoid potentially injurious or fatal crashes. Also included are six tried-and-true techniques for quick-stop tactics and vital skills that riders need to improve, such as turning, maintaining balance and stability, and steering. Know how to deal with the most challenging conditions and how to deal with automobiles, including aggressive drivers, oblivious drivers, or “blind” truck drivers. Offering first-hand experiences and insight that can literally save riders’ lives, learn evasive tactics to avoid and handle everything from slick surfaces, curbs, and construction plates to ferocious dogs, hazardous wildlife, and difficult weather conditions. Topics covered are formation, packing for trips, communication between riders, sidecars, trikes, and more. The book concludes with a resources section of organizations, training schools, educational tools, and websites; a glossary of more than 80 terms, and a complete index.
Pages 288
Publish Date 2013-11-12
series None
Size 8.375" x 11.0" x 0.75"
Author David Hough

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