Blood, Sweat and Steel

Peter Darman

Blood, Sweat and Steel

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Hundreds of thousands of soldiers have fought in the War on Terror. These are the very human stories behind the headlines from Afghanistan and Iraq, frontline accounts from US Marines, British Infantrymen, Canadian doctors, Iraqi officers, and other combatants. Blood, Sweat, and Steel covers the entire period from Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait to today, providing background and context as well as a compelling portrait of the face of 21st-century warfare. It is a homage to the bravery and valor of those who serve in various campaigns! Here are dramatic and moving first-hand testimonies from the First Gulf War as well as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, tied together in a way that explains both the main conflicts as well as the backstories of each of the eyewitnesses. The tales come from a diverse group of men and women. Accounts from within occupied Kuwait and from allied prisoners of war are included in the section on the First Gulf War. Frontline soldiers, drivers, intelligence officials, personnel of the Royal Navy, Royal Artillery gunners, and a wide spectrum of other men and women who were either participating in or caught up in the combat have made statements. Although it is well acknowledged that no one who has never been in conflict can truly comprehend what it is like, this book undoubtedly helps and is a very useful contribution to war literacy. Chapters include: *The First Gulf War (1990-91) *Iraq - an Introduction *Operation Desert Shield *Liberating Kuwait *Prisoners of War *Iraq: invasion and occupation (2003-2010) *Operation Iraqi Freedom *Fighting the Insurgency *The Battle of Fallujah *A long, hard slog *Afghanistan (2001-2010) *Afghanistan - an introduction *Operation Enduring Freedom *NATO's war *Helmand Province *Winning hearts and mind. Blood, Sweat, and Steel is an engrossing and tragic chronicle of our military's unbreakable spirit that will educate you about our seemingly endless wars and fill you with admiration for the officers and soldiers that have fought so bravely to defend freedom.
Pages 272
Publish Date 2011-04-05
series None
Size 5.7" x 8.7" x 0.09"
Author Peter Darman

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