Bottle Art

Cindy Shepard

Bottle Art

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Turn old glass into glittering pieces of art! Even seemingly ordinary glass bottles can become a fun art project. This wonderful book will show you how to turn your trash into art! With a few easy steps and minimal supplies, author Cindy Shepard will put you on the path to hours of dazzling glass crafting. Learn how to make homemade jewelry, flower vases, terrariums, and more! This book includes instructions for: * Jewelry * Vases * Drinking Glasses * Serving Dishes * Wind Chimes * And so much more! Each project can be customized into a mixed media art project all your own. Reuse glass to decorate your home with sparkling vases, glittering snow globes, fun flower vases, and a host of other homemade decorations. Get plenty of crafting inspiration with this easy-to-follow DIY art book. Instructions also include other materials you may have around your house like paper, strings, and old jewelry. Your home will be the envy of primitive art lovers with cute crafts like a gold-leaf music bottle, a turquoise scoop, and lavishly decorated vases. The variations on the wind chimes shown in this book are endless! Decorate your porch with colorful glass pieces that will twinkle and fill the air with music. Any day at your home will feel that much more enchanted with these quaint decorations. The best part? They're homemade! Everyone who makes them should be prepared to be asked where they bought them time and time again. The jewelry section shows you how to make bracelets, rings, necklaces, and more! Breath life into old jewelry with projects like a medallion bracelet and a golden picture ring. And the fun doesn't stop there. Tailor each project to suit your style and wants for endless hours of crafting. These stylish pieces can also be great gifts for anyone in your life. The fun doesn't stop with decorative art projects either! There are numerous functional projects in this book, as well! Make magnificent mugs and glittering goblets that will spark conversation at any party. Cindy even demonstrates how to make serving dishes that will make any hor d'oeuvre the center of attention. Whether you're crafting for yourself or someone special, Cindy Shepard's bottle art book will instruct and inspire you. Home decor stores might charge a pretty penny for some of these pieces, but with a little time and a few materials, you'll be surrounded by unique homemade keepsakes. Let your creativity sparkle with each of these fun projects!
Pages 16
Publish Date 2010-01-01
series None
Size 8.5" x 11.0" x 0.063"
Author Cindy Shepard

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