Dinosaurs (SC)

BBC Focus

Dinosaurs (SC)

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Discover what dinosaurs were REALLY like in this myth busting book! Find out how the real dinosaurs actually lived, what they looked like, and how they sounded in this fascinating book. While popular Hollywood movies have given us a simplistic view of these magnificent creatures, the latest scientific research is changing assumptions and providing a far different perspective. Rather than being slow, lumbering and a bit stupid, dinosaurs were smart and nimble-brained—just ask the paleontologists who are peering deep inside the fossilized skulls of these prehistoric animals. Learn how dinosaurs conquered the world, what would have happened if the asteroid hadn't hit Mexico, what T. rex really looked (and sounded) like, and the modern-day dinosaurs living in your back yard. Loaded with In-depth articles and stunning color illustrations, Dinosaurs: The Myth Busting Guide to Prehistoric Beasts is the ultimate guide to the latest dinosaur research.
Pages 96
Publish Date 2019-08-13
series None
Size 8.0" x 10.0" x 0.23"
Author BBC Focus

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