Growing Food in Small Gardens

Growing Food in Small Gardens

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From garden to table, here is everything you need to know to grow your own organic food! The virtues of organic food have long been apparent. But what many people don't realize is that they can grow their own--no matter how small their space. Whether you've got a backyard, rooftop, patio, or are restricted to window boxes or hanging baskets, the joy and satisfaction of organic gardening can be yours. From planning a garden to deciding what to plant to the learning the best methods of chemical-free pest and disease control, this definitive guide will help you get big results from even the tiniest of spaces. Learn how to get started, what to buy, how to plant and harvest your produce, and the best ways to preserve it. Save on money and increase the freshness. Enjoy your own fresh fruits and vegetables the very same day, and decrease your dependency on the grocery store. Control what you eat, limit the pesticides you use during the growing stages, and keep your food free of chemicals. This definitive guide will help you get large-scale results from even the tiniest of spaces. Topics here include: *Getting started - learn about what seeds to buy, the best soil types, sowing and growing, layouts, how to screen and position your garden, watering, and so much more! *Growing in containers - learn about all the various ways in which you can house and grow your own fruits and vegetables *Growing vegetables - learn about the best ways to successfully grow all sorts of vegetables, including carrots, potatoes, and lettuce *Growing fruit - expert insight and tips are given on how to grow all sorts of seasonal fruits, including strawberries, raspberries, and apples *Garden plans - learn everything from layout plans to nutritional information and growing times. Knowledge is shared on how best to harvest your food and what, if any, pesticides to use (on top of how to prevent unwelcome animal intrusions). Growing Food in Small Gardens offers information for beginners and experienced gardeners alike. You'll be equipped with so many skills and techniques as well as best practices on how to preserve your food post-harvest and prepare tasty treats from your fresh, organic produce.

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