Kerry Blue Terrier

Bardi McLennan

Kerry Blue Terrier

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For anyone who owns a Kerry Blue Terrier, or anyone who is thinking of owning one, here is an in-depth look at the breed and its characteristics in a handbook packed with important information. Let expert and author Bardi McLennan explain: *History of the Kerry Blue Terrier *Characteristics of the Kerry Blue Terrier *Breed Standard for the Kerry Blue Terrier *How to Find and Prepare to take home a Kerry Blue Terrier *Caring for your Kerry Blue Terrier *Training your Kerry Blue Terrier *And much more! Named for County Kerry, the Irish Blue may have derived from legend about "blue dogs that swam shore from a ship wrecked in Tralee Bay." Tinged with romance, the origins of the Kerry Blue Terrier befit this distinctive terrier among terriers. In addition to being a feisty and game earthdog, rugged enough to rid the landscape of rats and badgers, the Kerry is a versatile farm dog, a trainable hunting and herding dog, a confident watchdog and a delightful companion. Although strong-willed, as are all terriers, the Kerry excels in obedience and agility competition and possesses the confidence and panache to make heads turn in the show ring. As a companion, the Kerry Blue Terrier is able to delight dog lovers of every age with his clever and entertaining ways, his unmistakable affection for children and his unflagging devotion to his people. For the right owners, the Kerry makes an upstanding and handsome addition to a loving household.
Pages 155
Publish Date 2005-05-01
series Comprehensive Owner
Size 0.0" x 0.0" x 0.0"
Author Bardi McLennan

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