Magical Mica

Susan Rothemal

Magical Mica

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Use Mica--a wonderful, versatile, and natural medium--to add texture to your craft projects. Stamp it, emboss it, paint it, flake it, punch it, and shape it! Create fabulous jewelry, frames, wall art, gifts, lighting, scrapbooks, and more. Here are easy-to-follow written and visual instructions to create beautiful projects with mica tiles. The dozens of projects include scrapbooking, cardmaking, functional sculpture, and more. Learn artistic uses and methods to emboss, paint, flake, stamp, punch, and more on mica tiles. Understand the many uses and methods of mica tiles. Mica tiles add amazing sparkle, shimmer, and texture to any project! With Magical Mica, you will have valuable information, tips, and projects from the finest mica artisans at your fingertips. Quickly learn many creative methods for using these versatile tiles to create and improve multiple art projects. First, you'll find a section covering the basics of mica tiles, such as what they are, common uses, and a brief history that will give you a better understanding of this natural art medium. Magical Mica also contains important information, such as the separation and adhesion of mica tiles as well as many artistic methods and uses. Each project in this book will use one or more of the artistic methods, which will give you the confidence and inspiration necessary to create your own beautiful works of art! With the knowledge of multiple methods and uses of mica tiles, you will have an arsenal of creative techniques to improve your previous art projects and add your own flair of creativity to lamps, picture frames, and much more. Completion of the projects inside Magical Mica will give you the confidence and inspiration necessary to design and make your own creations. Mica is one of the most versatile natural art mediums, and it has the potential to enhance any piece of art (or even become the project itself). Learn the many creative ways that you can use mica tiles for dozens of projects with experienced guidance in an easy-to-follow format. The author uses a down-to-earth, beginner-friendly format throughout the entire book. Gift yourself the knowledge of experienced mica artisans and broaden your artistic horizons with Magical Mica!
Pages 36
Publish Date 2004-01-01
series None
Size 8.5" x 11.0" x 0.0"
Author Susan Rothemal

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