Manchester Terrier

Muriel P. Lee; Michael Trafford

Manchester Terrier

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Long thought to be the oldest of all terrier breeds, the sleek and sturdy yet elegant Manchester Terrier is prized as a beloved companion dog and an eye-catching show dog. Fearlessness, keenness and endurance made this muscular little breed from England a storied hunter of vermin during the Industrial Revolution, though today he is rarely used as a working dog. A descendant of the original Black and Tan Terrier from England, the Manchester Terrier is regarded as the foundation of various other breeds, including the popular Doberman Pinscher. Though other black and tan dogs have surpassed the Manchester in popularity, no breed excels this gentleman's breed in agility, elegance or devotion. This Special Limited Edition, written by terrier expert and breeder Muriel P. Lee, surveys the Manchester's history in England and traces the breed to the shores of the United States, where it is separated into two varieties, Standard and Toy, identical except for size and ears. The author also discusses the Manchester Terrier's characteristics and breed standard. New owners will find advice on choosing a breeder and well-bred puppy as well as information on feeding, exercise, house-training and basic obedience. A thorough, up-to-date chapter on canine healthcare, written by veterinarian Dr. Lowell Ackerman, covers topics including veterinarian selection, vaccinations, preventive care and parasite control.
Pages 154
Publish Date 2007-08-01
series Comprehensive Owner
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Author Muriel P. Lee; Michael Trafford

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