New Masters of Woodturning

Terry Martin, Kevin Wallace

New Masters of Woodturning

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New Masters of Woodturning~ MEET THIRTY-ONE CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS PUSHING THE BOUNDARIES OF A CLASSIC CRAFT. They are from different parts of the world but share a common passion: turning wood into sculptural forms of self-expression. In this groundbreaking book, thirty-one innovative artists—the New Masters of Woodturning—share their amazing turning techniques and the inspiration that fuels their distinctive designs. You'll see each artist at work—in their studios, homes, and at the lathe—and discover why their stunning work is considered to be preeminent in the respective fields of woodturning and modern art. A gallery of beautiful photographs displaying breathtaking vessels, bowls, platters, and more—many of which have never been published—accompanies each profile. New Masters of Woodtruning looks beyond the surface of the wood and into the vision and mind of the artist, providing insights that offer a captivating and important perspective of turn-of-the-century art and craft. Featuring a global roster: AUSTRALIA~Vaughn Richmond * Neil Scobie CANADA~ Michael Hosaluk * Stephen Kennard * Marilyn Campbell ENGLAND~ Louise Hibbert * Hayley Smith FRANCE ~Alain Mailland * Theirry Martenon *Christophe Nancey * Marc Ricourt GERMANY ~Peter Hromek * Hans Weissflog IRELAND~ Liam Flynn NEW ZEALAND~ Rolly Munro * Graeme Priddle SOUTH AFRICA ~ Butch Smuts UNITED STATES ~ Virginia Dotson * Harvey Fein * J. Paul Fennell * Ron Fleming * Mark Gardner * Dewey Garrett * Ron Layport * Michael Lee * Michael Mode * William Moore * Binh Pho * Betty Scarpino * Betty Scarpino * David Sengel * Jacques Vesery
Pages 216
Publish Date 2008-06-01
series None
Size 8.5" x 11.0" x 0.459"
Author Terry Martin, Kevin Wallace

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