Of Women And Horses

Gawani Pony Boy; Mark J. Barrett

Of Women And Horses

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Delve into the collection of author Gawani Pony Boy as he guides you through the incredible stories of women and their horse companions! Chock-full of details about these relationships, you will find stories that incite joy, love, and appreciation of these magnificent mammals. Enjoy reading about horsewomen from many different backgrounds who share their experiences and profound stories of companionship. Perfect for the equine lover, this book will bring tears to your eyes and happiness to your heart. Explore the shared moments of horses and those touched by their behaviors. Be integrated into the lives of those who spend their days caring for them, grooming their hair, stroking their necks, and riding carefree in vast fields. Discover the ways women's lives have changed because of the companionship of these majestic mammals. Inside this book you will find: *30 stories of women and their horse companions *Beautiful artwork of equestrians *Stunning, full-color photography of horses *Insight into the lives of horse owners and the bond they create with their animals. This book includes stories from horsewoman Pat Roberts, a famous sculptor whose works are in the European Museum of Art, and Alexandra Layos, editor of the magazine Saddle & Bridle, as well as many other women giving a full and detailed synopsis of the rewarding, life-changing experience of horse ownership. This book highlights the compassionate and strong relationships that are created between equine and equestrian. Written by Gawani Pony Boy, an expert in equine teachings, you are guaranteed to find yourself enthralled in these tales. He has traveled with his horse companion for over a decade to educate others about horsemanship. His passion and understanding of horses can be felt through his books as he teaches how to respect and create unity with horses to create lifelong bonds. This book is perfect for any horse owner, equine lover, horseback rider, or anyone interested in understanding what equine life is like. The photos are wonderful for children and adults alike to admire! After reading Of Women And Horses: More Expressions of the Magical Bond, you will find yourself having a newfound gratitude for these animals and will be left wanting to dive deeper into what knowledge they can give us.
Pages 192
Publish Date 2005-10-01
series None
Size 0.0" x 0.0" x 0.0"
Author Gawani Pony Boy; Mark J. Barrett

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