Scrapbooking for Home Decor

Candice Windham

Scrapbooking for Home Decor

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Learn basic craft techniques to create beautiful and lasting artwork centered around family photos and other mementos. This is scrapbooking that isn't in a book! Instead of having an album full of memories tucked away, have an album where those memories are on display so you can look at them on a daily basis. Incorporate your scrapbooking style into your home décor by learning how to use what you already have. Author Candice Windham shows readers how to use family heirlooms to design unique pieces of family memorabilia. She explains basic craft techniques like stamping, embossing, and distressing. She teaches how to mix media, such as painting, embellishment, and die cutting. By following her step-by-step instructions, you will learn to make meaningful objects out of everyday (and frequently recycled) materials. Develop your own original, creative ideas using this book as a starting point. Scrapbookers will find ideas for imaginative interior design projects that are both fun and functional, no matter their level of experience. These projects can be used to create wall hangings, tabletop art, storage bins, desk sets, and so much more. One of the outstanding projects in the book is the DIY Memories of Mothers Album, which Candice created in honor of Mother's Day. Another amazing project in the book is the Deflecto four-drawer bin. Candice created this project because she enjoys cubbies, bins, and organizing small items. The drawer allows her to easily organize all of the items that are important to her work. She created the project with paper to personalize the units. You can take your scrapbooking to new heights with the help of Candice and her book. Your skills can help you decorate your living room, bedroom, bathroom, or nursery. So, get excited and create home décor with your scrapbooking talent!
Pages 120
Publish Date 2012-10-01
series None
Size 8.5" x 11.0" x 0.375"
Author Candice Windham

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