Leopard Gecko Manual, 2nd Edition

Philippe de Vosjoli, Ron Tremper

Leopard Gecko Manual, 2nd Edition

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The leopard gecko has fast become the reptilian version of the parakeet or goldfish. Considered to be the first domesticated species of lizard, the leopard gecko is attractive, perfectly sized, and easy to breed. The Leopard Gecko Manual takes a close look at all the characteristics that have made these attractive lizards so amazingly popular in the pet world. Written by a team of herpetoculture experts and gecko specialists, this up-to-date and authoritative guide provides reliable advice for keepers who wish to add a gecko to their vivarium and maintain their pet in excellent health and condition. This second edition is revised and expanded to include new sections on gecko nutrition and feeding, housing, breeding, and banded geckos.
Pages 184
Publish Date 2017-10-03
series Advanced Vivarian
Size 8.0" x 8.0" x 0.42"
Author Philippe de Vosjoli, Ron Tremper

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