Timeless Toile

Roxanne Rentzel

Timeless Toile

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Toile's timeless look is back in vogue and makes stylish accents on items from quilts and tablecloths to home decor. Join the well-crafted mind of Roxanne Rentzel as she brings Toile to a new audience. Toile (famously pronounced as "twal") is a French fabric or linen that originated near Versailles, southwest of Paris, in the commune of Jouy-en-Josas. Toile's classic aesthetic is back in style! The Jouy business began printing unique designs from woodblocks in 1760, but later switched to copperplates. Typical Toile motifs generally tell a story, depicting images from rural life--typically pastoral settings--but also historical events, military victories, and mythological themes. The French aristocracy adored Toile de Jouy. It was so popular that by 1782, the Jouy workshop had 100 distinct Toile printing drawings. Clients and supplies began to diminish when the Napoleonic Wars began, and the plant shuttered in 1843. Old sketches are still used in the production of certain new prints. Toile prints are highly popular and very fashionable, and many lovely quilts are made with Toile designs. Medallion quilts take full advantage of the lovely sceneries on the fabric, with red and blue prints being the most popular. With Timeless Toile, you can bring the heritage of France and Toile to your own craft projects.
Pages 100
Publish Date 2003-01-01
series None
Size 8.5" x 11.0" x 0.0"
Author Roxanne Rentzel

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