Understanding Reptile Parasites (Advanced Vivarium Systems)

Roger Klingenberg

Understanding Reptile Parasites (Advanced Vivarium Systems)

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Are you concerned about your pet reptile's health? Are you noticing that its skin may appear an odd shade, or that new behaviors are taking place? Maybe you don't yet own a reptile but are thinking about buying one as a pet. In all cases, Understanding Reptile Parasites is the resource you've been looking for! Parasites are the third leading cause of death among reptiles, making it critical for owners to understand how this may affect their pet's quality of life. Written by a fellow reptile owner and veterinarian, this book will provide you with a basic knowledge of the following: *Major reasons why reptiles get parasites *Steps to take when your pet is ill *Basic medical terminology related to the biology of parasites *Photographs of parasites or illness *Common methods of treatment *The different parasites (internal/external) *Charts, tables, and visual representations to aid the owner in taking the best course of action. The author outlines how to be a prompt, compassionate, and knowledgeable reptile owner that can address the animal's concerns safely. There is excellent information on how to be the best advocate for your pet, including the importance of healthy breeders, environmental care, and medical treatment options. While it is important to have your reptile treated by the appropriate veterinarian, this book lays out how to prevent parasites and infections, what actions the owner can take, and what treatments are available should the pet be ill. The photos included are of excellent quality and show both external, internal, and microscopic forms of parasites. Some other excellent sources of information included are: *Examples of real-life scenarios *Guides to appropriate hygiene for reptiles *Credible resources for additional research *A recommended drug table with information on dosage and how the medications work *Complex diagnoses broken down clearly in a readable format. Understanding Reptile Parasites will educate you on the care of an ill pet and health maintenance. It is an essential guide for the reptile lover! Once you've finished reading this book, you'll feel like an expert in the field!
Pages 200
Publish Date 2016-11-22
series Advanced Vivarian
Size 5.5" x 8.5" x 0.485"
Author Roger Klingenberg

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