What Color Is Your Dog?

Joel Silverman

What Color Is Your Dog?

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This exciting dog training book is based on the original techniques of Hollywood dog trainer and Animal Planet host, Joel Silverman. Here Silverman presents his groundbreaking color-coding technique, developed over his thirty-year career training dogs for film and television. By determining what color is an owner's dog, he is able to recognize and then enhance his dog's behavior with the techniques outlined in the book. Silverman's color system explains five basic canine personalities or temperaments that he has assigned colors. With the descriptions of the five colors in hand, an owner is able to determine which color best matches his dog's temperament and approach the dog's lessons accordingly: *Blue (a fearful, rather skittish type dog) *Green (a more or less bashful pooch) *Yellow (the ideal, easygoing companion dog) *Orange (excitable, but relatively under control dog) *Red (the hyper, high-strung dog that bounces off the walls). The dog owner's goal then is to move his dog as close to the middle of the color spectrum (Yellow) as possible by using the training practices outlined in the book. Silverman says to develop a strong, trusting relationship in first thirty days. He wants you to spend time having fun, building trust, and enjoying the first month of the relationship. By increasing the dog's trust in his owner, the dog becomes more willing and eager to please. Silverman devotes a full chapter to each of the five colors, explaining what makes each color type tick and how owners should best handle such a dog. The second half of the book focuses on training tools and techniques and teaching specific cues (sit/stay, stay, come, and no). There is also a chapter for the puppy owner giving helpful advice on special techniques to use for puppies.
Pages 160
Publish Date 2009-06-16
series None
Size 6.3" x 9.1" x 0.8"
Author Joel Silverman

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