Andrew De Prisco; Jason O'Malley


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The book Joan Rivers called "my dog bible" is the quintessential queer guide for dog lovers, offering a hilarious take on gay dog ownership unlike any other book out there! Author Andrew DePrisco offers flamboyant and fact-filled information about: *How to purchase a dog from a breeder *Bringing the puppy home *Training, caring, and feeding for the dog *Choosing the best gay name for the puppy *Shopping for extravagant accessories *Throwing a gay puppy shower (for the gifts!), *Hiring the right staff to take care of the puppy *Using the well-cared-for dog as a man magnet *And more! With illustrator Jason O'Malley, Andrew has created a LGBTQ classic that defines the 28 "breeds" of gay men and recommends which breeds are best for each. Every gay man will find advice and hilarity on every page of this award-winning gift book. (For gay men who are not sure of their breed, there is a temperament sorter to help determine their homo DNA.) DePrisco, who has been actively involved in the dog world (and gay world) for over two decades, has tapped all his doggy resources to bring readers the most fabulous advice from some of the nation's Top Dog Men, including breeders of Westminster Best in Show winners, world-revered judges, and international canine experts. The chapter "Studs and Bitches" addresses hot topics such as homosexual dogs, promiscuity in the dog world, and getting unleashed and hooking up at dog parks. The book's final chapter offer a virtual pride parade of doggy activities, from dog shows to vacations, gay resorts, and camping (with actual tents!). The true message of the book, beyond the campy humor, wildly funny illustrations, and off-color remarks, rings out from every page: Woof! is for everyone who wants to be the most responsible and devoted dog owners on the planet.
Pages 208
Publish Date 2007-05-15
series None
Size 0.0" x 0.0" x 0.0"
Author Andrew De Prisco; Jason O'Malley

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